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Delicious Pizza

Authentic Pizza

At Pizza Cafe, we pride ourselves on the quality ingredients that make our delicious pizzas. We believe that the quality of the ingredients directly affects the taste. We use the best flour in order to provide an authentic taste experience as if you are in the heart of Naples, the birthplace of the pizza.
The dough is where the magic starts. We use Italian Tipo 00 flour, the best flour for pizza. We import tomatoes from the base of Mt Vesuvius in Naples so that our customers can experience the most exquisite flavour on their pizza.

Stone Oven Baked

We brought the stone oven from Naples all the way across the Atlantic. It is the heart of Pizza Cafe, and we feed it only the prime cuts of wood from Olive Groves. Depending on the season, we may add some wood chips for extra flavour. The oven is heated to over 900 degrees, and cooks the pizzas in less than two minutes. It is this sudden rush of heat that creates the best conditions for the ultimate pizza. Come to Pizza Cafe and step right into the heart of Naples!


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We felt like we were in Italy when we visited Pizza cafe. We will become regulars for sure!
John Martin
The staff were so nice and even gave me a free cookie! It was so dam tasty.